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With the development of digital news, the definition of news and journalism has also changed. as a mirror of the truth The news described is very frequently produced and consumed in digital media. As a result of this situation, the news is suspicious. reinterpreted in an environment that is heard and questioned. The content of the news in audience-centered journalism produced by users. As a result of the ‘new journalism’ approach added to the journalism profession, news and There has been a lot of talk about the relationship of trust. Which communication is done by considering gender and age variables? In this study, where the tool is mostly used as a news source and the news trust factors are measured, the data
The survey method was used as the collection method. The findings related to digital technology Although 59.1% of the 18-25 age group use social media for 10 hours or more, 36% of them use national television. It is noteworthy that he trusts his channels. Again, as a result of the findings obtained, women and men use social media. While it was determined that there were sharp changes in confidence levels according to age groups, it was found that all age groups
It has been observed that the level of trust in the news is low regardless of the medium.
theusa.today is a project implemented by Yiğit holding in 2021. It aims to explain the agenda, politics, economy and health in the world and America agenda to its users in a language that everyone can understand. Its first purpose is to make video reviews about the agenda and politics, which cover a large part of our lives, with a sincere and plain presentation understanding, and only provide the necessary information. It aims to raise awareness of its visitors about the world they live in. As a second purpose, it aims to provide its users, who are experts in their fields in the developing world, with a career as a news writer and columnist from afar, in accordance with their own interests.

Our aim at theusa.today is…

While there is a party in today’s media sector and the news content served, and at the same time, the presence of advertisements rather than news on existing portals and the fact that advertisements precede the news, which reduces the experience for users and considers interaction with the portal.
In the media model we designed as WMW Media and valiant media, to provide the users with direct and true news from the source and without an intermediary institution.
In order to provide our users with an ad-free news portal experience, we only have 2 static banner ad spaces on our homepage. Due to the positioning of our advertising areas, instead of providing continuous advertising with advertising service providers, direct removal of prestigious brands and showing the same advertisement to all users visiting the portal and ensuring that users are not disturbed.
To raise awareness and income by making the public a news reporter.